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Are you tired of juggling multiple HR tasks across various platforms? Do you wish there was a more streamlined and efficient way to manage all your HR processes? Look no further! We're excited to introduce HCMATRIX – Your All-In-One Platform for Everything HR.

Unlock Your HR Potential

Unlock your HR potential with HCMATRIX. Transform the way you manage human resources, empower your workforce, and drive unparalleled growth. Embark on a journey of HR excellence. Elevate your organization, embrace innovation, and make HCMATRIX your strategic HR partner.

Streamline HR Operations

Discover a new era of streamlined HR management. Schedule a personalized demo and embark on a transformative journey toward optimized HR operations. Your organization deserves the best, and HCMATRIX delivers precisely that.

The AI Powered HR Software

HCMatrix 3.0 is an intelligent AI-powered solution that simplifies and automates all aspects of HR management - from recruitment, onboarding, payroll, performance, employee engagement and so much more.


What To Expect With Our Solution


Our cutting-edge human resource software presents a thorough Payroll Module that guarantees precise, effective, and compliant processing of payroll for businesses in Nigeria and across Africa.

Employee Management

The Employee Management Feature of HC Matrix is strategically crafted to provide both HR professionals and employees with the tools to boost their capabilities.

Performance Management

Our module is designed to completely reshape the way organizations handle and enhance their workforce, leading to performance enhancements, process automation, and the facilitation of growth.


Bid farewell to conventional and time-consuming hiring techniques; our inventive platform automates the entire recruitment process, spanning from placing ads on social platforms to evaluating candidates and managing the CV database.

Learning & Development

The learning module of HC Matrix surpasses conventional training approaches, automating each phase of the procedure, starting from assigning courses to monitoring advancement and seamlessly integrating with prominent platforms such as Udemy.

Time & Attendance

Our advanced Attendance Management feature goes beyond traditional clock-in and clock-out methods, offering a plethora of functionalities to optimize your workforce's time tracking and enhance productivity.

AI-Powered Tools

With HCMatrix advanced AI features like resume screening, candidate matching, and bias detection. This, combined with a 24/7 AI Chatbot for employees and expert support, empowers data-driven decisions and minimizes downtime for businesses.

Security and Compliance

One of the critical features of HCMatrix is its robust approach to ensuring data privacy and security, protecting sensitive employee and company information from unauthorized access and breaches.

Biometrics Integration

HCMatrix Time and Attendance integrates with biometric devices for automated, secure, and accurate attendance tracking, eliminating manual errors.


Some Of The Biggest Names
Have Lent Us Their Trust.


Some Of The Biggest Names Have Lent Us Their Trust.

Push your HR to the next level,
regardless of your business size.

Push your HR to the next level, regardless of your business size.

Why Choose Us...

Why Choose Us...



Data Security






AI powered


Real Results, Real Impact

Customer Testimonials

Real Results, Real Impact

Customer Testimonials

"HCMatrix has been a game-changer for our startup. Managing HR tasks used to be a headache, but now it's seamless. From automated payroll to talent development, it's all in one place. Our team can focus on innovation while HCMatrix takes care of HR."

Basil Ikpe

"HCMatrix is the backbone of our HR operations. In a large corporation, data security is paramount, and HCMatrix delivered. The compliance features, coupled with seamless scalability, make it the perfect fit for our diverse HR needs."

Esther Adiele

"HCMatrix has streamlined our HR processes like never before. The advanced time and attendance module has improved our workforce management, and the analytics help us optimize resource allocation. A truly invaluable tool for any business."

Michael Olawale


Get The Latest Insights From The Industry.


Get The Latest Insights
From The Industry.

Efficient Payroll Management: Overcoming CFO Challenges

Methods for calculating the payment task for your business There are various factors that could cause a CFO (Chief Financial Officer) to mismanage payroll: It can be a lengthy and complicated process to calculate a company’s payroll. Here are some typical approaches and procedures for calculating payroll: You must first figure out what each employee is paid. Then, you need to calculate their gross pay, which is the total compensation they receive before any withholdings are applied. The payroll taxes that employers are required to deduct from employees’ paychecks must then be calculated. The employee’s portion of the cost of any benefits your company provides, such as health insurance or retirement programs, must be subtracted from their gross salary. Subtract the total of all deductions from the employee’s gross pay to determine net pay, which is the sum of an employee’s earnings after all withholdings have been taken out. Afterward, you must maintain a precise record of all payroll activities, including wage task data, payment records, etc. This has taken a lot of time and been difficult. What if I told you that this is the answer CFOs need to avoid payroll failure? You might be wondering what the answer is. The correct software solution is what you should invest in and have. What software solution should I invest in, you might be wondering. Well, HC Matrix is the best software to employ to respond to that query. With the aid of the software solution HC Matrix, you can comfortably and easily manage the Pending setup for payroll within the app, process payroll, and get a whole history of all your payroll runs. That’s not all, though. Additionally, you can examine and contrast various payroll statistics for two other time periods or departments. Payroll Settings Payroll Comparison CFOs have a guarantee that they won’t make payroll mistakes any longer thanks to HC Matrix.

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Unlocking the Power of HR Automation in Your Company!

5 HR Automation Benefit Ever wondered how HR automation can boost your organization’s performance and efficiency? I firmly believe that implementing these five remarkable HR automation processes can propel your firm towards achieving its goals: Streamlining hiring and onboarding processes, Empowering employees through self-service, Effective Performance Management, Ensuring Compliance and Reporting, and Nurturing Learning and Development. In the grand scheme of things, HR automation is indispensable for businesses aiming to thrive and foster employee satisfaction. By optimizing operations, providing valuable insights, and ensuring adherence to regulations, organizations can make a positive impact on all stakeholders. Now, let me tell you about an incredible solution perfectly tailored to your needs – HC Matrix! If you seek the ideal software program to manage your payroll effortlessly, look no further. With HC Matrix, handling pending payroll setups becomes a breeze. You can comfortably process payroll within the app and access a comprehensive history of each payroll run. And that’s not all! You can also compare payroll data between two distinct time periods or departments, giving you valuable insights for better decision-making. Believe me, HC Matrix is your ultimate choice! It’s a top-notch software program that simplifies payroll management. Don’t wait any longer; give HC Matrix a try today and experience why it’s the best option available.”

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Unlocking Your HR Department’s Full Potential

How HCMatrix Maximizes Productivity and ROI Investing in software that automates repetitive work can increase productivity by giving employees more time and energy for important tasks. The potential of HR would be unlocked by this solution. This can be especially useful if your company uses a lot of paper-based systems and delicate operations. Automating manual procedures is one of the most effective ways to increase productivity since it allows staff to do jobs more quickly and accurately. However, you must use HR software and spend money on HCMatrix if you want a fully automated system. In the words of one of our clients, “Automation is not about doing things faster; it’s about doing more things better.” A software HCMatrix solution can be used in this situation. With the help of the HCMatrix software solution, HR can work precisely and effectively without difficulty or stress. Experience the advantages of the simplified assessment management provided by the HCMatrix system. HR can quickly receive a thorough overview of all completed, pending, and continuing evaluations with only a few clicks. Users may check existing assessments and easily set up new ones thanks to the user-friendly interface, which also makes navigating simple.

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