Training and Development

Train your workforce to give your desired competence level. Be it local and overseas training, HCMatrix provides you with a rich user interface to create advertise and manage new trainings to employees based on their job roles and improve competency level. Keep track of users to know whether or not the training was useful by creating survey questions for employees to test their comprehension level. Keep an organised record of training location, job roles and user capacity. With HCMatrix, users can register to attend a training and if the user capacity is full, they are kept on the waiting list for future training or in case a there’s a vacant seat for more attendees, they can then be added to the current list to attend trainigs.

With HCMatrix

  • Employees can register to attend a training
  • Employees can view training calendar both internal and external
  • Human resources personnel(admin) can create trainings and define trainer.
  • After each training employees can take a survey and provide feedback concerning the training
  • Employees, Human resources personnel and line managers can view the status of any training

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