HCMatrix Time Manager

Manage your employee absences with a easy to use dashboard and calendar view to arrange absence plans of employee based on the date their request was granted. Approve or reject absence requests with an easy click of a button. Send E-Mail confirmations to parties involved to notify them of their successful or rejected absence plans. HCMatrix was designed from ground with users in view just to keep workflow process simple and yet achieve complex operations from anywhere in the world with any device – Laptop, Tabs and Smart phones. We’ve got you covered.

Leave Request

With HCMatrix employees can make a leave request by filling a form and it is sent to the line manager for approval then passed to the Human Resources personnel. All three parties get an alert when the request is sent and whatever action is taken concerning the request(i.e accepted, rejected). The Human resources(admin) can set leave request types according to the specification of the organisation.


Notifications are sent to all parties involved in the leave request workflow.The notification can be in the form of a text message or an e-mail depending on the settings chosen by the employee, the line manager and the human resources personnel(admin).

Attendance Management

The line manager and the human resources personnel(admin) can view an attendance report of all employees who come to work early, late and on-time. HCMatrix provides a search criteria, you could search by time, name and date range. For the daily attendance a biometrics device comes along with the elite package to enable employees clock-in for the day and they can clock out from the HCMatrix system. Any organisation that has its own biometric hardware can connect to HCMatrix as it is compatible.

Leave statistics

With the help of Microsoft Power BI , a dashboard is provided to the line manager and the human resources personnel(admin) to view the statistics of all employees attendance in different departments.

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