Find Discover Top Talent with HCMatrix Recruitment

Redefine recruitment with HCMatrix. Replace traditional methods with smart hiring, including AI-driven resume screening, candidate matching, and automated interviews.


Automated Ads Placement on Social Platforms

Effortlessly reach more candidates by automating ad placements on popular social media platforms.

Convenient Computer-Based Testing (CBT) Assessments

Be empowered to assess candidates' skills and knowledge efficiently through Computer-Based Testing (CBT)

CV Database Management

HCMATRIX offers a centralized CV database, streamlining the process of managing candidate profiles. Key functionalities include:

Other Key Functionalities

HCMATRIX's Recruitment Application goes beyond the basics, offering advanced functionalities to optimize your hiring process:

Automated Interview Scheduling

Effortlessly schedule interviews with candidates through the platform, eliminating the need for back-and-forth communication

Collaborative Hiring

Facilitate seamless collaboration among your hiring team, enabling shared evaluations and feedback on candidates

Candidate Engagement

Engage candidates with personalized communication and updates, enhancing the candidate experience


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