Other Features

Succession Planning

Most organizations face the regular problem of employee succession. Who to succeed the line manager or a higher employee level? What criteria would they meet to perform effectively at the new position they are to move to? What skills and training are required to perform well and meet your organizations target? What is the time frame from interviewing a list of employees for a new position. With HCMatrix, this is well settled with our flexible succession management portal, employees can nominate sucessors to succeed them after they leave and the HR interview panel can go through the nominated list, reject or approve nominees with the click of a button. View nominees records at the go without having to refer to loads and loads of paper. Reduce papaer work anmd achieve more with HCMatrix.

Reports and Analytics

HCMatrix provides detailed analytic reports for various modules provided in the system with the help of Microsoft Power BI.


HCMatrix portal can be configured configure as per their organisational needs, enable/ disable modules as per convenience and change the theme of the interface.

Maintenance and support

Raise tickets for your issues by mailing at info@hcmatrix.com

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