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An encompassing HR solution

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Designed to recruit new workforce seamlessly.



Maintain an auto-generated payment accounts for employees.



Manage your employee absence with an easy to use dashboard.



Train your workforce to give your desired competence level.

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Why HC Matrix

Most Human resources departments are faced with disorganizations that increases costs and disrupts quality service. In most situations, this is caused by the HR department relying on disjointed systems and archaic methods for recording , tracking and managing employee data. These manual processes leads to delays and errors in taxing compliance tracking, enforcement and reporting. HCMatrix supports all HR processes, data, employee management, and reporting all activities. HCMatrix is an integrated, cloud-based solution that is amazingly easy to use, affordable, easy to deploy and ideal for SME’s.

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User Interface

HCMatrix has a unique feature that allows any organisation to customize the look of their UI with their logo , slogan and the color of their organisation. HCMatrix user interface is concise, familiar, responsive and easy to navigate.


Data Security

Protecting employees data is a priority for your HR team and that's why we believe in the complete security of your data by making use of modern technologies like Cloud Computing and several firewalls to secure your data.



We believe that having a robust software like HCMatrix must be accompanied with vigorous services and support. We offer both consulting and technical expertise to generate important business outcomes.


Cloud Delivery

Our cloud delivery service allows customers manage and communicate with their employees anytime and anywhere. With a flexible monthly/annual payment plan, it eliminates hardware costs and has an high availability of about 99.9%.


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HC Matrix Features



HCMatrix was designed to recruit new workforce seamlessly. Create Job applications that can be shared to social media to reach thousands in little time.

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Absence Management

Manage your employee absences with a easy to use dashboard and calendar view to arrange absence plans of employee based on the date their request was granted.

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Payroll and Finance

Maintain an auto-generated payment accounts for employees. Set basic salary and benefits for each job role and a fixed date for the payment to be made and notifications are sent.

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Training & Development

Train your workforce to give your desired competence level. Be it local and overseas training, provides you with a rich user interface to create advertise and manage new trainings.

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Employees are needed to keep the organization running. HCMatrix was designed to capture employee medical records, manage their records, provide health tips for employees, keep track of employees that need to be out of service for medical reasons.

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Succession Planning

Most organizations face the regular problem of employee succession. Who to succeed the line manager or a higher employee level, What criteria would they meet to perform effectively at the new position they are to move to, What skills and training are required to perform.

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Goal & Performance Management

Create new goals and deliverables for your employees at the start of a new fiscal year, engage dialogue with employees on the set goals and kick off the year with set targets for the fiscal year. Employees can set their goals and track their progress.

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Executive Dashboard

Make sense of your organizations data by viewing records in real-time graphical layout. HCMatrix provides a nice view of organization data to help make decision makers come up with precise decisions to keep their organization at top edge. Manage data anytime, anywhere.

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Customer Testimonials

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The HCMatrix Software has a rich user-friendly interface. It is the best solution in the market that simplifies and automates all HR processes. It has flexible pricing structure for both big and small organizations. Thanks Snapnet Nigeria for your great support.


Robo Okposo

Database & Robotics/ Atlantic Marine & Oilfield

The HCMatrix Software has a rich user-friendly interface. It is the best solution in the market that simplifies and automates all HR processes. It has flexible pricing structure for both big and small organizations. Thanks Snapnet Nigeria for your great support.


Robo Okposo

Database & Robotics/ Atlantic Marine & Oilfield

Frequently Asked Question

Is HCMatrix an app?

No, it is a web application. However, its long term plan is to transition into a full-blown desktop/mobile application.

Who can use HCMatrix?

Large corporations, SMEs, HR departments and HR Executives

How do we get started?

You can request a free trial using any of the links or give us a call on +234 909 000 4652 or email us to request a product demo. We’ll reach out to you right away and show you  how HCMatrix can help improve your organization

How long will it take to implement HCMatrix?

1 to 6 months depending on the level of customization.

Can we migrate the existing data from Excel, paper records or an existing software?

Yes, your data can be migrated into our solution via excel uploads. Also, HCMatrix can be integrated by connecting it to your company data source.We will work closely with you to ensure that this process is completed securely and without hitch.

How many employees can be managed on HCMatrix?

As many as your company has or needs. HCMatrix is built on cloud technology infrastructure allowing us to add additional servers or databases to accommodate growth in the number of employee accounts. As such you will not experience any degradation in the application’s performance as you add more employees.

Would my managers and employees have self-service accounts

Yes, the Admin can grant role-based access to all or selected employees which allows them to log-in to self-service accounts to perform various tasks, e.g. apply for leave, download pay slips, etc

Do I need to have technical knowledge to use HCMatrix?

No, you do not need to have technical knowledge to use HCMatrix.

What kind of training or after-sales support is provided

We provide training as you get started on HCMatrix and are always available to answer your questions or receive feedback. Our customer support team is always online and available via a live chat tool. You can also email or call us directly to address any questions you might have

How is HCMatrix better than other HCM applications?

HCMatrix is easy to use, affordable and has an array of unique features such as an extensive payroll module. HCMatrix is the best end-to-end human capital management solution that covers everything from hire to retire.

How affordable is HCMatrix?

HCMatrix is an end-to-end HR software that is priced suitably to fit all business models, whether SMBs and/or enterprises. Kindly contact us for a quote. Our pledge is to provide you with significant value for your money.

Can I use HCMatrix without internet connection?

HCMatrix is a cloud-based application so you do require internet access to fully utilize the application

I want to host HCMatrix internally/on-premises. Is this possible?

No, HCMatrix is built on a world-class cloud platform for extensive flexibility, optimal security and performance. Kindly contact us for more details.

Can HCMatrix integrate with other business software applications?

Yes, we do have a robust API and have begun integrating with other external software applications. Kindly reach out to us to for inquiries about current integration support for your specific software application.

Is my data secure on HCMatrix?

We have implemented multiple layers of security to ensure your data is secure and protected. Our solution is currently hosted on Microsoft Azure, one of the most reliable and secure cloud computing platform in the world.


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