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Humans are the greatest strength of your organization and with that in view, HCMatrix was designed to recruit new workforce seamlessly. Create Job applications that can be shared to social media to reach thousands in little time. Applicants can apply for jobs and keep track of their job applications by maintaining a simple dash bo

ard for applicants. E-Mail confirmation is also enabled to confirm application process and for ease of information tracking.

Create Job Posting

Post available positions in the organisation, fill in the description of the job and the requirements(i.e skills, qualification, age etc.).

Resume Archiving

Manage applicants resume instantly and archive them for future purposes.

Applicant self-service

Applicants can view available jobs and apply for whichever one suits their qualification. HCMatrix has made the system easy to use in a way that applicants would need no assistance in filling the applications.

Keep track of all applications and status

The human resources personnel can view all applicants resume’s , view applicants status. With HCMatrix the Human resources personnel has the permission to manage all applications , approve or reject applications and also be able to view shortlisted candidates. HCMatrix provides a dashboard to view the statistics of applicants by age, region, etc.

Computer Based Test

Once applicants have applied based on the Human Resources department’s sorting criteria, they will be able to choose the candidates that will be shortlisted for the Computer Based Test.The Computer Based Test consists of a pool of questions approved by the organisation’s human resources management. HCMatrix provides the human resources personel(admin) a dashboard that shows the statistics of applicants taking the exam and scores.

Interview portal for conducting interviews

Interview portal for conducting interviews

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